Early northeast brazilian early 20th century way of think and the new Brazilian way

Before you read the first text and read the joke in final of text.

If you think this Ideology dumb information, jump to the main text!

You need know some informations, I m friendly and lives with the Armorial Way Ideology, this was created by Ariano Suassuna a greatest theatrologist, writer, and author of famous Dogs Will Movie.
This is only a Ideology of the conservation of local culture versus the Hollywood and Foreign Music Styles.

Hi guys, my first post in english, my grammar is not too good, but you can read if you try haha.

  In early Northeast Brazil, when the people become a populise the central area of brazil this was difficult to all. But in some years when all be stable, the people live here become a union thinking, afterall all are relatives in some cases. This is become a caricature characteristic of my region.
     But why this way of thinking was better then current brazilian (monstrosity) way. Because this:
  1.  All union not be so relevant today.
  2.  Money become the center of need ( To buy foreign brands products iPhone or a Honda motorcycle)
  3.  **When guys have a chance to be smart they will be.**
  4. The patriot thinking dead

    So, you will be thinking, this normal! Or not...
    Yeah, most part. But if we was not have influence of south persons and have this foreign of design, product and global releases here, its will be better.
    But i am be clear here, not insult the south people (But all call me Bahiano when Im Cearence, a Xenophobic insult) and south people said all the corrupt politicians came from here. Well... They lives like Lula in South, so.... But yeah they come from here hahahahaha (Ruins all argument)

So, for conclusion i am writing a short text to see the acceptability.